Brookhaven Memorial helps build Habitat for Humanity home in Bellport



Habitat for Humanity of Suffolk County is adding another new home to the Bellport community.

Since its inception in 1988, the non-profit organization has built nearly 100 homes in the area, according to Steph Busia of Habitat for Humanity.

The latest couple to benefit is William Jaramillo and Diana Marquez, who have five children.

The family has waited over two years to be approved for a new home, in the meantime living in a Brentwood apartment.

Walter Mackey, Habitat for Humanity’s site supervisor, said the process is long because the organization does an in-depth financial investigation to see if potential homeowners can afford the mortgage.

If selected, the homeowner receives a 30-year, interest-free mortgage and gets the house at below-market value — in part because it’s built by reduced or donated materials and labor.

Once a financially qualified applicant is approved, Habitat for Humanity looks for volunteers to help participate in the 300-hour complete rebuild.

In the case of 810 Meade Avenue, Brookhaven Memorial Medical Center stepped up to the plate by offering to help.

“We are really committed to improving the community here,” said Karen Shaughness, Brookhaven Memorial’s senior director of ambulatory services.

The East Patchogue-based hospital also has a presence in Bellport, having recently opened a primary care facility at 515 Bellport Avenue.

The house at 810 Meade Avenue had been abandoned for 12 years before it was demolished to make way for the Habitat home.

Many in the area were happy to see the block rid of the old eyesore, Mackey said.

The house is 1,400 square feet and features four bedrooms, one and a half bathrooms, and a complete basement.

The construction is expected to be done in February, with the family moving in in March.

Top Photo: Karen Shaughness of Brookhaven Memorial Hospital lends a hand during the painting.

Walter Mackey of Habitat for Humanity preparing some paint for the new home.
The new home at 810 Meade Avenue in Bellport.

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