Pinball Long Island plans to build a bar at its Patchogue pinball mecca


Pinball Long Island just got the OK Tuesday night from the Patchogue Planning Board to build a bar inside the popular Main Street arcade, which boasts the largest collection of machines that’s available to the public in all of New York State.

Without giving away any surprises, owner Joshua Guskin told Greater Long Island the bar “will be unlike anything anyone’s ever seen in the Patchogue area.”

“It will be appreciated by many generations,” he said.


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There is no predicted timeline as to when the bar will be go up, but it’s planned for the rear of the expansive space at 48 W. Main Street.

Pinball Long Island is currently lined with 100 vintage pinball machines that span eight decades. 

Guskin, 42, who also lives in Patchogue, is a pinball fanatic who has collected, restored and sold classic and modern pinball machines most of his adult life. He opened Pinball Long Island in March 2023, offering people of all ages a chance to share in his passion.

It’s $10 for kids under 10, and $20 for adults to play all day.

And he’s proud of that price point.

“It’s pretty unheard of, cost wise, in this day and age for an entire day of entertainment, especially on Long Island,” he said.

There’s just been one problem: Many customers are also looking to sip and socialize. (Because, let’s face it, it’s hard to chit-chat when you have to keep a close and watchful eye on that bouncing silver ball.)

As of now, players get a receipt so they could go grab some drinks, a slice of pizza or tacos, then head back to Pinball Long Island to keep playing.

“But people physically and socially want to remain in the building,” Guskin has found. “I had one customer come back and tell me he spent more money on three IPA’s than he did for the entire day of admission to my place.”

“And that was kind of a lightbulb moment for me” he said.

But pinball is Guskin’s true love. To that end, the machines will remain the focal point.

“I think [the bar] will expand our already growing customer base with another option for current and future customers,” he said. “But at Pinball Long Island, the pinball is the focus.”

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Homer and Barney each enjoy a mug of cold Duff Beer at the Simpsons pinball game at Pinball Long Island. (courtesy)
Homer and Barney each enjoy a mug of cold Duff Beer at the Simpsons pinball game at Pinball Long Island. (courtesy)

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