317 Main Street restaurant in Farmingdale launches its own marketplace


317 Main Street is making it easy for people to prepare and enjoy restaurant-quality dishes at home. 

The Farmingdale restaurant at 317 Main Street has opened up its own marketplace.

The Marketplace at 317 is described as a one-stop, grab-and-go where patrons can choose from a variety of breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert options.

Owner and chef Eric LeVine said the empty space within the restaurant was previously used for extra storage. But when the pandemic hit, he decided to use it to continue to serve signature dishes in a takeout setting —and provide another option for customers. 

“When they come through here, they have to come through the back door,” LeVine said. “It’s kind of like going through a ride at Disney, you wind up right inside the store or gift shop.” 

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317 signature steaks and chops, sandwiches, salads, empanadas, dumplings, gelato, macarons made by Gillian Lugg (@Gillianchocoberry), and other gourmet pastries — the Marketplace has plenty of options for a quick bite or special occasion. 

Dry goods, spices, cookbooks, coffee mugs, and cookware items are also available in the market. 

“We wanted to offer something that’s not available in the area,” said LeVine. “It makes it easy for [the customers], it’s convenient for them without having to go to a crowded supermarket — they come here and get a great, fresh, you-know-who’s-making-it product. ” 

Sourcing from local farmers is important to LeVine, which is why products such as fresh honey and organic farm eggs are on the shelves too.

Those looking to have a pasta night can shop for all their ingredients right inside The Marketplace, which has handmade gnocchi, sauces, ravioli, and more.  

LeVine said the restaurant is working on getting the word out about The Marketplace, but those who find the spot are excited when they walk in. 

“Someone can come in and get a complete meal at half the price of going out to a restaurant,” he said. “Sometimes with these big stores, you don’t know who’s behind the kitchen, where they’re getting it from, what they’re sourcing, or what they’re doing — here, it’s us.” 

The Marketplace at 317 is open Tuesday through Sunday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. 

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Below are some more photos of the inside of The Marketplace at 317.

Top: Colorful macarons made in-house at The Marketplace at 317.