NY Lottery: $32,695 Take 5 winner sold in East Islip


New York Lottery officials have announced there were two top-prize winning tickets for the April 4 Take 5 drawing — and one was sold right here in East Islip.

The tickets are each worth $32,695.

The local winner bought his or her ticket at East Islip Card & Gift, which is located at 64 Main Street in East Islip. The other winning ticket was sold in Washington Heights.

The winning numbers for the April 04 Take 5 drawing were: 04 – 13 – 15 – 24 – 29.

From the New York Lottery:

The five winning numbers for Take 5 are drawn from a field of 39. Take 5 drawings take place every day at 11:21 p.m. The Take 5 Advance Play feature allows players to wager on a maximum of seven consecutive Take 5 drawings all on one ticket.

Winning Take 5 tickets at all prize levels may be cashed up to one year after the date of the drawing. 

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