Couple from Babylon opens Toresco & Simonelli law firm in West Islip


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Husband-and-wife legal team John Toresco and Gina Simonelli have put the finishing touches on their new building in West Islip and are now accepting clients.

The two have over 15 years of experience in the law field, with Simonelli just having left a larger firm in Melville as a managing attorney. Toresco specializes in family law and divorce. Simonelli handles personal injury cases. The couple lives in Babylon Village.

Their new firm is located at 361 Union Boulevard

The two met in law school in Pennsyvlania, and they’re looking to keep their new firm “boutique” in feel.

“I don’t believe in doing a large volume of cases, because in this business you have to know a lot about your clients; they need that personal attention,” says Simonelli. “You need to know what’s going on with them, because every single person has a different experience from their injuries. Not everyone is going to heal the same. Recover the same.”

“I went from overseeing close to a thousand cases — and personally handled 300 of them — to now maybe about 150 cases, which involves a lot of personal contact and I get higher values on the cases because of that,” she added.

For Toresco’s part, he says properly handling family law and divorce involves, first and foremost, relationship building with his clients.

“I like to make sure they feel comfortable with me, and I feel comfortable with them. From there I just try to do the right thing,” he says “Like what Gina was saying, it’s about that personal touch and, for me, trying to figure out what their end-goal is and doing everything I can to get them there.”

Both agree that being constantly available, responsive and empathetic is key to building trust.

“The scariest part about divorce is the unknown,” Toresco said. “Most people who are getting divorced, it’s their first time and they’re hearing horror stories from whomever they’re talking to, with family and everyone else chiming in. There’s a lot of good-intended bad advice out there that leads people down the wrong path. You need to talk to an expert before doing anything.”

Both Toresco and Simonelli offer free consultations to potential clients.

Click here to visit their website or call 631-518-6410.