It was a night for ideas to bring more shoppers to Patchogue



Patchogue retailers got together Tuesday night to face a challenge not uncommon for downtown areas in the 21st century.

That is, the challenge of getting more people out shopping.

The heart of the issue was identified as such: Patchogue Village is becoming a place where people go for a specific thing — whether to eat, see a show, or run a quick errand — and then leave.

Solutions to the myriad problems that were identified Tuesday night at the BrickHouse Brewery ran the gamut. 

Below are some of the ideas and suggestions:

  • Do a better job of letting people know all Patchogue Village parking lots are free before 6 p.m.
  • Team up to circulate one another’s posts on social media. (Think of likes and shares.)
  • Shift the overall retail focus to attracting one specific type of product, like with NYC’s diamond district.
  • Get more business to participate in the designated sidewalk sale days.
  • Distribute downtown-only flyers or coupon books similar to what you might find at Tanger.
  • Create a widely distributed promotional video showcasing existing retail options.
  • Improve lighting in the parking lots and North and South Ocean Avenue.
  • Offer coupons in downtown stores that could be redeemed in the other stores.
  • Team up on keeping later hours to create a critical mass of nighttime shopping options for people.
  • Somehow carve out spaces in larger buildings to make them more suitable for retail.
courtesy photo by Hannah Morgan/Unsplash