An open letter from Roast Coffee & Tea Trading Company to Toast Coffeehouse


Roast Coffee & Tea Trading Company

Editor’s note: This was published on in January 2015.

To our friends at Toast Coffeehouse,

I had breakfast on your opening day with some friends at the new Patchogue location.

What a treat! You can tell that you really put time and effort into every little detail of the space. It’s amazing, beautiful and unique. And I’m so happy that people can stop asking me when you’re going to open. Customers and friends know that I always know what’s going on in town so I got this question almost daily. I felt a bit like Queen Elizabeth walking to my table on your opening day and stopping to say hello to everyone.

I’ve been a fan of Toast for years. But being on the South Shore made it a treat instead of a regular outing. But any time I could get over to Port Jeff, I always stopped by for a visit. I’ve never been disappointed. French toast, pancakes, fresh fruit…what more could anyone ask for?

Breakfast is my favorite meal and I would eat it all day if that was socially acceptable. So when I heard you were coming to Patchogue, this carb-loving mama was ecstatic. As a coffee shop manager, I thought to myself, “Well, hopefully they’re not right across the street from us.”

And of course, that’s the spot that spoke to you.

But we’re at peace with it because it really is a perfect fit. Patchogue needed more things to attract people to our great town during the day. And that’s exactly what you’ll do.

A lot of people have come into Roast Coffee saying things like:

“Are you guys moving across the street?”

“Are they using your coffee? Roast at Toast?”

“I’m going to open up a place over here too, and I’m going to call it ‘Most’”

“Why would someone want to open up another coffee house right across the street?”

Or, my personal favorite:

“I have a delivery of a meat slicer for you.”

“I didn’t order a meat slicer.”

“Yes, you did. Here’s the invoice right here that says ‘Toast.'”

I keep telling everyone, it’s okay. Calm down people. We’re doing different things.

Roast serves coffee roasted in-house. Yes, we have some breakfast items but coffee is our thing. Roast attracts the person that wants a specialty latte and to sit at a table on her laptop doing work. Toast does breakfast and lunch. Made-to-order meals with a wait staff. The kind of place you go for a full meal with a friend and you leave when you’re done eating.

Yes, you guys have coffeehouse in the title but food is your thing.

Patchogue needed some more unique places to visit. And as was said in Village Hall when you first applied for permits, I really do believe places like yours will fit in with the grand picture of Patchogue. Places like yours and mine can really attract retail to our town. The village could use more places in town with a unique feel and unique product instead of those corporate places we already have up by the highway. I know you guys are good-natured and really care about the community you’re serving, so we’re happy you’re here.

So Terry and the crew, we wanted to formally welcome you to town with open arms. We know you’ll love Patchogue as much as we do.  

Love, Tiffany and the rest of the Roast crew. 

Tiffany Rivera is the manager of Roast Coffee & Tea Trading Company on East Main Street.