At $350K, Rocky Point ‘tiny’ house property is more than meets the eye


People often say, “Never judge a book by its cover.”

Ok, we know in this case, that’s pretty hard. Especially when the pages inside are no better. But stick with us, because this little shed — umm, tiny home — has more than a house-load of potential.

Living on Long island isn’t cheap, so count your blessings when the opportunity comes along to scoop up two property lots for the price of one. At $350,000, that’s basically the deal here with the property at 11 Laurel Road in Rocky Point.

The listing at Coldwell Banker states that one lot features a tiny house, while the other is vacant land — a piece of clay waiting to be molded into your “dream home.”

The good news is that the small house is habitable, with a cesspool, electric and municipal water — and you’d be free to build on the other lot. The bad news is, well, it doesn’t look so great in the photos.

The listing agent, Patricia Massimo, suggests that the property is just right for “anyone looking to build their dream home and have a tiny home for guests or rental.”

See for yourself in the photos below.

[Editor’s note: Soon after the publication of this article, the listing was no longer visible at Coldwell Banker, nor Zillow or any other realtor website’s list of available properties.]

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