Bango Bowls is about to become a household name across the Tri-State


It’s official. 

Bango Bowls is selling franchises, with one already in the works at 1759 Middle Country Road in Centereach. And nine others are in development across the region.

That’s because last year Bango Bowls got the regulatory clearance to start its big expansion, and inquiries have since been pouring in.

“We’re getting a lot of interest and people are excited, said Bango Bowls CEO Ryan Thorman.

The plan is to open about 100 new Bango Bowls locations over the next few years.

“We’re looking for two different types of people,” said Thorman. “The owner-operator who wants to invest their time in their business and immerse themselves in the community. Then there’s the multi-unit operator who understand what it takes to operate several restaurants, the infrastructures needed, the support needed, and all those nuances that go into multi-unit operations.”

Here’s what Thorman says made the company stand out in New York:

A diverse menu.

“Scaling culture” and leadership.

Low start-up costs and high revenues.

That’s also exactly what got Bango Bowls recognized as a top startup in the fast-casual food sector by the lauded QSR magazine earlier this year.

For potential Bango Bowls franchisees, the company, he said, has been building a foundation for a “true support system to put them in the best possible position to become successful.”

Bango Bowls is also looking to set a new bar for standards of supporting their franchise partners.

“We believe the better support system we can provide to all of our franchise partners, the better the system will do in the long run,” Thorman said. “We are committed and excited to offer economic opportunity to those that are looking to join this awesome team.”

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Bango Bowls was founded in 2017 by Long Island-based Upstream Hospitality Group, which also operates five Tap Room locations in Nassau and Suffolk counties. Both brands are actively building teams and scaling their concepts across the Northeast. 

Today, each of the seven Bango Bowls location on Long Island and in Westchester serves salads, warm grain bowls, poke bowls, acai bowls, flaninis and avocado toasts.

“We have become that ‘better-for-you option’ for the entire family,” Thorman said. 

Sustaining a healthy lifestyle is hard. A big part of that lifestyle involves what you put in your body to fuel your day, he said.

Bango Bowls puts an equal amount of value on health benefits as it does flavor. The team is adamant that if people like what they eat, they will continue to make better choices.

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