Bay Shore author aims to guide 20-year-olds with her new book


Bay Shore native Portia Ingram decided to reflect on her 20s and write a manual to help teens and young adults with her new book, “How to Survive Your 20s.”

“There are different ideas and concepts that people in their late teens experience,” she said. “Schools don’t teach you social expectations… they’re so caught up in the academic part of life and don’t focus on mental health, self-care skills or time management skills, so it can be hard to get acclimated to adult life.”

The 30-year-old realized that so many young adults struggle when they transition from teenager to 20-something. She wanted to take her positive mindset and turn it into an interactive manual that helps current Gen Zers get through a changing time.

“How to Survive Your 20s” is Ingram’s second book. In 2018, she self-published a workbook, “The Helpful Planner.”

For her new book was released on March 1 by publisher Mascot Books.

“I have a passion for mentoring young people,” she said.

In the beginning of last year, Ingram said that she began to sit down, reflect on herself and what her 20s were like. “But then it snowballed into this,” she told GreaterBayShore.

She said that she grew up with a good support system but knows that not every teen has that in their lives. An advocate for minorities and individuals with disabilities in her community, she knew she had to take her “wholistic” lifestyle approach and tackle issues that so many teenagers struggle with.

“The book tackles emotional and social questions,” she said. “How can I stay healthy physically and mentally?”

Inside the book, she writes a few pages of content but finishes the chapter with questions and exercises, suggested readings and different affirmations the reader can practice at home.

“This book is for anyone who feels that they need assistance, but who may not want to ask for help,” she said. “I feel great… I’m so excited and I do believe this will reach the people it needs to reach.”

But the Bay Shore High School graduate said that growing up in the South Shore hamlet really helped her have an open mind, but it wasn’t until she went away to school where she saw the global views of the world.

“Get out into the world and see different places,” she said. “There’s a strong sense of self when you’re away from Bay Shore… but being part of Bay Shore’s culture and community really gave me a better understanding of other places.”

For more information about Ingram can be found online on her website and Instagram. Her book is now available on Amazon for purchase.

Photo courtesy of Portia Ingram