Bay Shore’s Tullulah’s restaurant opens its own ‘Tiny Market’


Tullulah’s is back open for business, and they now have their own market. 

Steven Scalesse, owner/chef at Tullulah’s, said his wife came up with the idea to turn a portion of the restaurant into a small market.

Tullulah’s Tiny Market opened at the beginning of June and during the state-wide restaurant closure. Tullulah’s took advantage of the time being closed and renovated the original restaurant space to include the new, small market. 

“We decided to open up the market because of everything that is going on with the pandemic,” Scalesse said. “It was my wife Nicole’s idea to turn the small portion of the restaurant into a market and to search for local products and all the stuff we love to eat.”

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The Tiny Market is stocked with small-batch items including the restaurant’s own branded, house-made products, like their salad dressing and pickles, Scalesse said.

Liquor brands and a selection of wines also line the shelves. Scalesse said the house cocktails are canned in the restaurant and sold in the market.

All the wines and liquor are curated by Sean Nolan, manager, and the head bartender of Tullulah’s, Bert Wiegand, cans the specialty cocktails.

Scalesse said those who visit the market can even find “cool products that are super limited in quantity,” from local and national brands.

This includes Boon Sauce, a small-batch chili oil brand based in Los Angeles, small-batch jams from Virginia Janes Homestead, Holy Schmitt’s Horseradish from the East End of Long Island, and more.

The plan is to constantly change products that fit with the seasons, just like the Tullulah’s menus.

Tullulah’s Tiny Market also sells a variety of jewelry and handmade accessories from local vendors.

Scalesse said the response to the market has been extremely positive following its opening.

“The market has been a hit so far,” he said. “We have so many fun things for everyone’s taste.”

Here’s a peek inside Tullulah’s Tiny Market: 

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