Puppy adoptions on Main Street


It was the water bowl on the sidewalk.

That’s how the Bideawee volunteers from Westhampton knew the owner and staff at The Cheese Patch were animal lovers.

“They always have a water bowl for dogs outside their doors, seven days week,” said Kim Keith, a Bideawee volunteer and events manager. “This feature caught our eye when looking for pet friendly locations to partner with for events.”

That was in March. Now Bideawee volunteers and a gaggle of puppies can be found outside the Main Street, Patchogue, shop every third Thursday of the month, from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m.

The event started in May and runs through October.

“I was so excited back in March when Kim approached us about doing mobile adoption events at my shop,” said The Cheese Patch’s owner, Paige Pfeifer. “I love animals and am happy to have partnered with Bideawee in the hopes of finding loving nurturing homes for their animals.”

Keith said the sidewalk outside The Cheese Patch is a perfect location to showcase pups, given all the foot traffic that comes downtown.

Bideawee has adopted out two pups so far in Patchogue, one each at the first and second events.

“We were so excited to kick off the adoption events in such a positive way,” Keith said. “But even when we don’t have an adoption take place, these events are still very successful.

“They give the dogs a chance to get new experiences and be outside their kennel runs for hours at a time, and the events also allow more attention for our organization, and highlight adoption.”

One of the puppies adopted out in Patchogue, named Mellow, found a home with Pfeifer herself.

“We feel blessed to have Mellow, our newest family member and could not be more pleased with the way in which Bideawee handled the whole adoption process,” Pfeifer said. “Their staff was amazing … you could tell right away that these animals are truly loved and well taken care of at Bideawee.”

She said that even for people who aren’t ready to adopt, it’s still a nice opportunity to play with a pup and maybe make a donation to Bideawee.

“It also helps us in making people more aware of our shop and what we offer,” Pfeifer said.

Can’t wait until the next adoption event on July 16? Click here to learn more about adopting a dog or cat from Bideawee visit.

You can also follow the Bideawee Facebook page for continual updates on available animals.

Caption 1: Tad and other Bideawee pups were delighting people passing by The Cheese Patch on June 18. (Credit: Michael White)

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