Blue Point Brewery opens satellite spot at Islip’s MacArthur Airport


Travelers can now get a taste of Long Island when landing at MacArthur Airport in Ronkonkoma at Blue Point Brewing Co.’s new satellite location right inside the terminal.

With a view of flights taking off and landing on the tarmac, there are plenty of Blue Point beer options available for travelers awaiting their flights, including Toasted Lager, Hoptical Illusion and Hazy IPA.

Also available for purchase are a variety of cocktails, wine, sandwiches or snacks.

“The reception has been fantastic,” said Jeff Daunt, the senior director for HMSHost, which operates food and beverage outlets at the airport. “The experience has been elevated. Being able to get a local concept in the airport as you’re flying out really adds value to the experience and what we’re trying to do is really elevate what’s going on here.”

With the new location opening mid-October, and some furniture and upgrades yet to be installed, Daunt said the space has already been popular among travelers, with rushes of customers coming and going as planes land and take off.

What is now Blue Point used to be a less popular bar, Daunt added.

“We get a lot of questions about where it started,” Daunt said of the brewery. “In Patchogue, right down the street, back in 1998. It’s kind of grown… We’ve been familiar with the brand and this is just a way for us to bring that experience into the airport. It just worked out.”

A spokesperson for Blue Point told GreaterRonkonkoma they are excited that locals and visitors alike will be able to enjoy the brews and snacks.

Among those travelers was Antoniette SantaMaria of East Islip, who was headed to Florida earlier this month. She said she enjoyed relaxing and having a drink after getting to the airport early because of the much-publicized Southwest disruptions.

“This is a local airport,” Daunt said. “A lot of the passengers are from the area, so to bring some of these streetside experiences into the airport is just a great feeling… The first sales day or two were fantastic. We’re just going to get better and better.”

A bartender named Catherine Jackson agreed that the drinks and snacks at Blue Point have been a hit among travelers.

“It’s been such a nice transition, just to offer more variation of beers and more selections, and the change over with the new paint and the bright colors,” Jackson said. “Just knowing that we can serve Blue Point, which is only 12 minutes from the airport, [has been nice.]”