Blue Point Brewing Co. just entered the Long Island Iced Tea game


Blue Point Brewing Co. is aiming to have a LIIT summer, sources within the company tell GreaterPatchogue.

And they plan on doing that with the rollout of their newest product, Long Island Iced Teas, aka LIIT.

The products, which hit local shelves June 29, will be sold on Long Island only until Aug. 3. After that, LIIT will hit the shelves in northeastern states, such as Connecticut, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Don’t get it twisted, our sources say, this new beverage isn’t iced tea mixed with a malt alcohol base but is a sparkling hard tea with its alcohol content coming from natural fermentation of cane sugar.

“Our hard sparkling teas are for the consumer who wants a little more than what a hard seltzer is giving them, without sacrificing on the ‘better-for-you’ qualities,” says Blue Point’s GM, Carrie Shafir.

Here are some quick facts about the hard tea:

They are decaffeinated, clock in at 5% ABV, are 120 calories and gluten-free.

And now flavors:

  • Lemon Black Tea is a modern rendition of a classic lemon iced tea. It balances citrus and earthy flavors with additional notes of honey and lemon wedges
  • Mango Green Tea, infused with a unique blend of white matcha, green, and oolong teas, has notes of honey, champagne, and mango slices
  • Raspberry Lime Hibiscus is a botanical infusion of 100% hibiscus leaves, and contains notes of berry and floral balanced with lime

LIIT is available in 12-can variety packs. Here’s what they look like:

courtesy photos