Brooklyn-style deli with ‘old-school’ vibe opens in Centereach


The Galofaro family wants to bring you back to a simpler time.

Back when you walked into a store, the owners knew your name and cared about the quality of goods they sold.

They are aiming to turn back the clock with their new venture, Mangiamo Italian Market, a Brooklyn-style deli opening in Centereach on Monday, Feb. 13.

“You going to come in and we’re going to remember you,” said Camillo Galofaro, who is opening the shop with his wife Maria. “We’re going to have that personal touch.”

The family owned-and-operated shop is opening at 1315 Middle Country Road in the former Badolato’s Market location.

“The Badolatos are a very nice family, who built a very beautiful store here,” said Camillo.

Since taking over the space a few months ago, the Galofaros have been transforming it into something they feel is missing on the island: “an old-school deli.”

Camillo and Maria both grew up in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. They moved to the Shirley area in their teenage years.

One of their favorite things about the old neighborhood was going to grab something to eat at the deli.

“You walk in, take a deep breath in and just go ‘ahh,'” he said. “You could just smell that you were in a good store.”

He’s talking about aroma from the freshly baked breads and imported cheeses and dried sausages. And then there was distinct smell from the sawdust on the floor — which was used back in the day to soak up spills.

While they won’t have the sawdust, the Galofaros will be serving foods they loved from their childhood.

“We’re going to have the finest ingredients, stuff you don’t normally see on Long Island,” said Camillo, who now lives in Dix Hills.

They’ll be selling brick oven breads, to-go meals and grocery items imported from the Old Country, like meats, cheeses and olives. Camillo said no meals will be coming into the store pre-made, everything will be made in house.

Then there’s the sandwiches.

“That’s what we are going to be known for,” said Camillo.

Mangiamo plans to serve up heros on Italian bread packed with cured meats. For example, the menu features the Mangiamo Special, a sandwich filled with ham, salami, capicola, mortadella, provolone topped with tomatoes, onions, roasted peppers with oil and vinegar drizzled on it.

“I’ve been working in the deli business for a very long time,” said Camillo. “I love providing people with great food. I want to bring something new and exciting to this area.”

Check out Mangiamo’s Instagram to learn more about the business.

Outside of Mangiamo Italian Market, opening Monday, Feb. 13, in Centereach. (Courtesy)

Top: Italian hero filled with cured meats. (Courtesy)