Centereach man has awake craniotomy; enjoys wedding reception at hospital days later


Just days after having a brain tumor removed during South Shore University Hospital’s first awake craniotomy, a Centereach man left the Bay Shore facility on Friday expected to make a full recovery.

Tests at the hospital revealed that Luis Pagan, 36, who suffered an epileptic seizure on May 9, had the brain tumor and that he was a candidate for the brain surgery, according to reports. Just prior to the surgery, Pagan was married in the hospital’s chapel to his now wife, Nicole.

On Friday, hospital workers held a festive wedding reception for the couple outside of the building.

“I feel like I almost love these people, so it felt like I was getting rolled in with family, and I’m glad it happened the way it did,” Pagan said in a News12 report. “I feel like everything happened for a reason.”

The hospital in an Instagram post shared video footage and photos of Pagan’s miraculous discharge and wedding reception.

“We keep the patient awake during the main part of the procedure and we use electric current to stimulate the brain and evaluate the patient clinically and get real-time feedback,” neurosurgeon Dr. Georgios Klironomos told Fox 5.

Top image: Instagram