Deer Park man wins $1M New York Lottery Powerball prize


A Deer Park man is feeling like a million bucks this fall following his big summer win via the New York Lottery.

Carlos Moran, Jr. took a single lump sum payment of $651,000 a few weeks ago after Uncle Sam grabbed its share of Moran’s $1 million prize for matching the first five numbers selected in Powerball.

“This is truly a blessing,” Moran said of his luck in matching the picked numbers — 02, 27, 42, 44 and 51 — in the June 13 Powerball drawing. The Powerball number selected in that drawing was 25. New York Lottery announced Moran claimed the prize in late August.

The winning ticket was purchased at Deer Hills Service LLC, located at 1985 Deer Park Ave. in Deer Park.