Deer Run Farms’ stand in Brookhaven Hamlet to stay open all year long


For the first time ever, the family-run Deer Run Farms in Brookhaven will be keeping the stand open year-round.

Deer Run’s head of operations, Bob Nolan, who runs the 49-acre farm at 282 South Country Road with his wife, Janet, daughter Valerie and son Samuel, said the family is responding to consumer trends.

“People are interested now in farm stands and farmer’s market throughout the winter,” said Nolan. “So now people can come on weekends” and maybe they get reminded of summertime.

Even in the dead of winter, foodies will be able to find Deer Run-grown produce in the form of pickled beets, corn relish, kimchee, bread and butter pickles, stewed tomatoes, homemade mustards, dried herbs, jellies, jams, infused olive oils and four varieties of homemade pestos made with Deer Run greens: spinach walnut, arugula, basil and cilantro.


Deer Run Farms is best known on the island for its fine specialty lettuce, spinach, and cabbage

Nolan’s great-grandfather started the family farming business in 1890 in Middle Village, Queens, after emigrating from Germany. The family moved farther and farther east, until finally settling in Brookhaven in 1953.

The family’s farmer friends on the East End will also be supplying the stand with greenhouse-grown, hydroponic tomatoes and other staple produce.

The stand also offers artisanal cheeses, fresh bread and baked treats.

Photo: Valerie Nolan at the Deer Run Farms stand in 2015. (Michael White/file)

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