District tells parents in Shirley and Mastic to stop dropping off fast food and snacks at school


Leave the pizza and Egg McMuffins at home, mom.

William Floyd schools told parents on Tuesday to stop trying to drop off fast food and snacks to their hungry kids at school.

“Attention William Floyd High School parents/guardians: The high school has seen an increase of parents/guardians attempting to drop off fast food and other snacks to their children during the school day,” the district posted on Facebook. “Please know that students will not be allowed to leave class to pick up pizza, fast food, snacks, coffee or any other food/drink items from their families during the school day.”

The announcement noted that the drop-offs are disruptive to the teaching process and are not permitted.

“The district provides one free breakfast and one free lunch to all students each school day, so dropping off food is not necessary,” the announcement reads. “Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.”

The Facebook post was receiving a mixed reaction.

“It’s ridiculous that parents think it [‘s] ok to take staff time to track the kid down or have to hand out hall passes and security checks as the kids are getting texts from parents all for some McDonald’s,” Jennifer Siciliano Hatfield commented.

Jackie Lopez countered: “Hey WF, word on the street is your food is inedible. Maybe that’s why parents are doing this- so their kids eat?!”

“Never heard of anything so ridiculous!! Send them with Lunch if they don’t like the schools!!” exclaimed Karine Danega-Fitzgerald. “And dropping off coffee absurd. SMH!!!”