El Nuevo Healthy Spot opens in Lindenhurst, with some very Instagramable healthy drinks


This Lindenhurst native is shaking things up in his hometown.

And he’s doing it in the form of signature, 200-calorie drinks that anyone would swear couldn’t be healthy.

But they are.

Each eye-popping, Instagram-friendly drink packs that low calorie count —and 24 grams of protein.

El Nuevo Healthy Spot opened in November at 411 D, 40th St. just off Sunrise Highway, where owner Alexander Gomez also sells high-protein donuts.

The nutritional facts aside, Gomez says he tries to make each drink as visually pleasing as possible, because his motto is “one buys with the eyes.”

Those efforts have been shining through on his Instagram feed

Gomez, who works out often and whose family is into health and fitness, says a consistent exercise regime needs to be balanced with proper nutrition. For Gomez, that includes protein shakes. 

Gomez said he didn’t see many places serving healthy choices in the Lindenhurst area, so he decided to create something new. 

He started construction for El Nuevo Healthy Spot in March of last year.

Prior to this business venture, Gomez said he used Herbalife, which is a company that specializes in science-based nutritional products such as meal replacement shakes. 

When Gomez decided he wanted to open his own business, HerbaLife ended up playing a key part in El Nuevo’s model. 

The protein shakes and teas are made with Herbalife products, and Gomez said his experience with HerbaLife helps him in coming up with different flavor combinations. 

“I got to understand the products before I stepped my foot in here, so I know which flavor will mix with this one better and I can bring something authentic,” he said.

The shakes at El Nuevo are indeed each meant to be a meal replacement, like for morning breakfast or before or after a workout. 

“It has vitamins and minerals that can help you through the day,” he said.

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Owner Alexander Gomez and an El Nuevo Samoa shake.

The menu’s shakes offerings includes Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Samoa, Blueberry Muffin, Fruit Loops, and several more. 

How El Nuevo makes each shake or energy drink is a secret, Gomez says. Only he and his team know the recipes. 

Gomez said the shakes all have an equivalent of a “half of banana” of sugar, which is around seven grams.

“It was very fun making it,” he said. “It was a good time, especially having the opportunity to bring the community this kind of nutrition information.”

The energy drink teas are 20 calories, contain zero grams of sugar, 160 milligrams of herbs caffeine, and are packed with a list of vitamins.

The concoctions are designed for antioxidant support, indigestion relief, brain function support, and a boost from mental fatigue, among other benefits.

For updates on what else is on the menu at El Nuevo Healthy Spot, including teas, follow the shop’s Instagram page.

Top: Owner Alexander Gomez and an El Nuevo Samoa shake.