Family bonds, healthy living built Mineola’s new Oak and Orange to-go shop

Oak & Orange sandwich shop in Mineola.

Meet Sumiti Uppal Malhotra, the owner of the new Oak and Orange in Mineola.

What drives Malhotra, 33, of Dix Hills, is her passion for a healthy lifestyle that starts with what we put in our bodies.

And she’s equally passionate about sharing her knowledge with others.

To that end, after months of searching, planning, shopping and tasting, she opened Oak and Orange this fall at 91 Mineola Boulevard. There you’ll find fresh and locally sourced items prepared for those on the go, and without having to go through a fast food drive-through.

We’re talking bowls, salads, sandwiches and prepared foods, beverages and even pantry items.

“We wanted to open a restaurant that focused on innovative fresh food. A place where you can indulge or eat a satisfying healthy meal.” Malhorta told Greater Long Island.

“We saw a need in the area for fresh food options, served in a nice setting.”

Mineola became an obvious choice for the restaurant when Malhorta noticed the need for more fresh food options and a location where people could also sit and eat in a beautiful, modern setting.

Things to know

Returning customers tend to go back to the Japanese Egg Sando, which is a house-made fluffy egg salad with pickled cucumbers on Japanese milk bread.

The breakfast sandwich was also inspired by her honeymoon trip to Japan.

Regulars will come to know that family and personal life experiences inspire most of the menu items, which you can view here.

Take the Oak & Orange Iced Tea as an example. Inspired by her dad’s own recipe.

Or, The Bombay Sandy.

“[It’s] a combination of a sandwich my mom used to make me as a child, and a version my mother-in-law has made many times,” Malhotra explained.

“It’s truly a homage to my family and the experiences I’ve had with them.”

— Oak & Orange courtesy photos

All photos come courtesy of Oak & Orange in Mineola.

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