Garden City Fire Department looking for the next generation of firefighters


Garden City Fire Department is actively recruiting qualified volunteer firefighters who want to join their tight-knit team.

And they are getting their message out there in an innovative way.

Jeremy Angeletti, director and creative lead at RHINO Media, partnered with the century-old fire department to create a short film as part of a recruitment campaign being broadcasted on social media.

Filmed in January, the four-minute video takes viewers into the world of a Garden City volunteer firefighter and the commitment, hardships and triumphs behind the job.

More than 300 hours of training are required before a new recruit can suit up for a real-life emergency call.

The men and women serving Garden City train and put their lives on the line for no compensation.

There has been a growing shortage volunteer firefighters on Long Island, and Angeletti stated that since the 1980s, the total number nationwide has dropped 17 percent. This, while call volume has tripled.

In the video, Chief Matthew Pearn emphasizes the importance of volunteerism and how it is the fabric of many communities around the country.

“Many people don’t realize that a majority of firefighters nationwide are volunteers,” he said. “Everyone expects, ‘Oh, I call 911 the fire department shows up — it’s a paid force…’ But most firefighters are volunteers.”

Anyone interested in learning more is encouraged to fill out an inquiry at

You can check out the fire department’s video below.

Top photo: Garden City Firefighter in front of a blaze. Photo courtesy of Garden City Fire Department.