Great Beer: Tell me this IPA isn’t the Money


Barrier Brewing Money IPA

I love Money! And loads of it!

But I’m not talking about the hard-to-find green stuff that pays your bills or “makes it rain” in certain types of clubs (or so I’ve heard).

I’m talking about Barrier Brewing Company’s Money IPA.

Although created by an East Coast brewery (Barrier is located in Oceanside) this is a delicious, West Coast style IPA. Am I trying to resurrect the rap beefs of the ’90s? Is someone going to roll into your favorite craft beer joint and scream, “West Side, bitches!” and hurl handfuls of sticky, resinous hop cones at your table?

Not at all. But there is an informal, yet seemingly distinct difference. Nothing to fight about.

Originally, hops were used by British troops in lieu of non-existent refrigeration to preserve ales shipped to India in the 19th century, when the subcontinent was still a British colony.

This created the style of beer known as the India Pale Ale or “I.P.A.”

The addition of hops often resulted in floral and sometimes slightly spicy notes, but the English-style IPA always had a malty backbone to balance it out.

East coast IPAs are quite similar, where the redolent, pine and resin elements also have a strong malt base. Dogfish Head’s 60 minute IPA is a good example of this.

West Coast brewers, however, have earned the reputation for an often unbalanced, in-your-face hop presence. In the forefront are bright, citric notes of grapefruit, lemon rind and pine needles.

Clearly, it’s an acquired taste, but as the tongue-melting, gut-wasting Bhut Jolokia pepper has earned devotees, so it is with hops and this brash West coast style.

Money pours a hazy yellow. Orange peel and pine dominate the nose. The taste is crisp and sharp with a sweetish, somewhat sticky aftertaste. It is hop forward but doesn’t lay waste to your taste buds the way Sixpoint’s Resin or Green Flash Brewing’s aptly-named Palate Wrecker does.

Money would hit the mark with fatty brats or a giant tray of loaded nachos. Especially as we root on the New York Islanders during their playoff run!

The 7.3% ABV also comes in handy should things go sideways.

Keep your eyes peeled, because Money has limited bottle availability and sporadically pops up on tap at select stores and bars.

If you see it, grab a growler-fill. Hell, fill two! After all, who wouldn’t like a little more Money?