Greater LI’s ‘The 495 Podcast’ is back; first guest up is James Bonanno of The Tap Room


It’s official — The 495 Podcast is back.

The podcast, hosted by Greater Long Island‘s Michael White and Nicholas Esposito, returned to the airwaves after a two year hiatus due to the pestering pandemic.

For the uninitiated, the show’s goal is to drive up and down the expressway interviewing interesting Long Islanders, from bartenders to celebs.

The show will feature a new guest once per month.

Who is the first guest in The 495’s return? James Bonanno.

The Blue Point native shares how he and his business partner David Johnson busted their tails to go from bartenders to running five-plus restaurant/bars on Long Island.

Listen below. You can also listen to the show on any platform that hosts podcasts, just type in “The 495 Podcast.”

CLICK HERE for all the episodes.

Top: The podcast was recorded at The Tap Room’s Bay Shore location. (L-R) Tap Room co-owner James Bonanno and GLI’s Michael White.