Greater Long Island Media Group is now a member of the Associated Press


The Board of Directors has voted, and Greater Long Island Media Group, Inc., with its humble beginnings in 2015 as a one-man community news service called, is now a member of the Associated Press.

Greater Long Island, publishers of, is one of just a few independently owned and online-only news services to be granted AP membership.

“It was a huge day for us this spring, as the heads of the country’s top news organizations that make up the AP board had to consider our application, review our content and vote,” said Greater Long Island’s publisher, Michael White.

“I couldn’t have been any prouder of our team, which includes journalists that have done such great work at the Daily News, News 12, ESPN, and other outlets before bringing their skills to your community,” he added. is on track to be viewed nearly 5 million times in 2022.

The Associated Press, according to online reports, including Wikipedia, was founded in 1846 as a cooperative of five New York City newspapers. It now provides journalism to some 15,000 news services around the world.

This means the AP has access to all Greater Long Island content, and can repackage and distribute it as it sees fit. In turn, Greater Long Island can run AP reports and photography relevant to our local audiences.

“What a tremendous leap for Greater Long Island,” said Nicholas Esposito, Greater Long Island’s editorial director. “Not only does AP membership provide a huge boost to our sports coverage, AP reporting helps our newsroom provide deeper and more regional context to local news.

“And that’s a great benefit to our readers, who are always our first priority.”