Report: Long Island’s counties rank among the very healthiest in the state


Nassau and Suffolk are considered among the healthiest counties to live in New York, according to a study conducted by Niche.

Nassau County is No. 1 among the 57 counties evaluated in the 2024 report, while Suffolk was not far behind at No. 4. Both Long Island counties received an A+ grade in the Health & Fitness category of Niche’s annual Best Places to Live in America report. They also garnered A’s in Outdoor Activities, a key component of a community’s health and wellness.

Niche’s Healthiest Counties ranking assesses the general levels of health among residents at the county level. A county’s grade takes into account key indicators of personal health, such as smoking, excessive alcoholic consumption and obesity rates, in addition to the availability and proximity of fitness facilities, doctors and mental health practitioners.

More than 18,000 communities are examined in Niche’s annual study, using data from such sources as the U.S. Census, Bureau of Labor Statistics and CDC, combined with millions of resident reviews.

Nassau is also ranked No. 1 among Best Counties to Live in New York; Suffolk is No. 13. Nassau is No. 11 in a ranking of Healthiest Counties in America, while Suffolk is No. 94.

New York’s Top 10 Healthiest Counties

Here’s how Niche in its 2024 Best Places to Live Report ranked the top 10 Healthiest Counties in New York:

#1 Nassau

#2 Westchester

#3 Rockland

#4 Suffolk

#5 Albany

#6 Putnam

#7 Tompkins

#8 Schenectady

#9 Saratoga

#10 Erie

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