Here’s a legendary dessert we bet you’ll find only on Long Island


The Pizza Crumb pastry from Hummel Hummel Bakery in E. Northport has been around for generations — but this Long Island treat is one that you might want to get to know, and fast.

To start, the extent of the relationship between a Pizza Crumb and a pizza pie are many, yet at the same time, they have absolutely nothing to do with each other.

There is the name, of course. Plus, both are round. Pizza Crumbs also come served in a pizza box, both are delicious, and both are very much a product of Long Island.

(Sure, you can get pizza just about anywhere in the world but, really, where is the best?)

But of course, one is a dessert. The other is dinner.

If you haven’t tried a Pizza Crumb yet, you’re missing out on a legendary local pastry that has been around for more than 50 years.

‘It’s a pretty well-known Long Island thing for sure,” said Susan Fruendt, who says her father-in-law first invented the dessert, along with her husband.

The origin story

To tell the tale we need to go back to the beginning.

It all started in Germany in the 1950s, when John Fruendt was studying the art of baking.

He brought his skills to America and opened Hummel Hummel Bakery in 1968. That is, according to Susan.

Around the time that the Pizza Crumb was born, possibly by accident.

“Pizza Crumbs started in the late 60s or early 70s when my father-in-law and husband invented it,” she told Greater Long Island. “They probably made a mistake with something and it came out good.”

In the late 1990s, John’s son Derek Fruendt and Derek’s wife, Susan, took over Hummel Hummel and continued to make Pizza Crumbs out of their small bake shop.

Susan estimates they produce hundreds of Pizza Crumbs per week; thousands during the holidays.

“If you’ve seen us, we’re a small store pumping these out,” she said. “We get out quite a bit.”

The original Pizza Crumbs were simply powdered sugar, but the Fruendts started making different flavors when they took over.

Right now, along with the original, they make raspberry, raspberry-chocolate and chocolate on the reg.

There is also a special themed flavor each month, such as pumpkin for October and apple for November.

“For St. Patricks Day we make an Irish Cream Liqueur flavor,” Susan said. “It’s delicious.”

And yes, they use real Irish Cream.

OK, so what’s in it?

So here’s the $64,000 question: What is a Pizza Crumb made of, exactly?

That’s what we asked but mums the word from Susan on the recipe.

“It’s mostly crumbs on a thin bottom of pastry, all made from scratch,” was all she would say.

The Pizza Crumb comes served as a 14-inch diameter pastry in a novelty pizza box.

The bakery sells them for $16.95 each for the original. The flavored versions start at $18.95. They have been available in a 12-inch to-go version at Dairy Barn drive-throughs since 1999. As the Dairy Barns disappeared, replacement drive-through convenience stores have continued to offer the Pizza Crumbs.

The name is trademarked, according to Susan, and only made at their bakery.

But if you’ve moved away, have no fear. They will ship their specialty dessert fresh to you anywhere across the country. Just call the store.

The bakery has big plans for the future of Pizza Crumbs, and the team is always trying something new with their signature dessert.

For instance, Susan said, “We just started selling them in slices.”

You can get Pizza Crumbs at Hummel Hummel Bakery in East Northport, at drive-through convenience stores, or by the slice at Black Sheep Bagels in Jamesport.

Photo Credit: Hummel Hummel Bakery on Facebook