East End inn launches ‘industry nights’ with $99 stays for service workers


The owners of the Bay Breeze Inn want to extend a great night (or two) on the North Fork to their brethren in the service industries.

And at an unreal price.

“We [service industry workers] miss out on everything. Sometimes it’s hard for friends and family to understand. Some even take it personal, but that’s what we do to pay the bills,” said James Mangiacapre, who runs the Bay Breeze Inn and its Watershed Kitchen and Bar with his fiancé Patricia Rincon.

“These workers have earned a getaway, and we want to provide that for them.”

Hence, the new Escape Package at the boutique hotel in South Jamesport.

The owners have just announced that anyone working in a tip-based industry can book a room for $99++ per night at the Bay Breeze Inn and receive a complimentary welcome cocktail each from The Watershed.

Heard enough? The only way to book the #ESCAPE package is by calling 631-779-3454.

The deal is good for restaurant and hospitality workers, as well as hair stylists or personal trainers, to name a few. Even gig-based musicians who play at local venues. The packages are available for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday night stays, excluding certain holidays and holiday weekends.

For Mangiacapre especially, he wants to help.

Because he knows what it’s like.

Even before he and Rincon opened the Bay Breeze and Watershed, he worked most of his adult life pouring drinks across Long Island.

“Industry night was typically Monday night, and it was something we all looked forward to after a long weekend,” he said.

“Now we want to do a sort of industry night here, but with a twist: an overnight stay.”

About the inn & restaurant

The main building that houses the inn and restaurant is situated at the corner of Front Street and South Jamesport Avenue just steps from Miamogue Point and the beach. 

It was built around 1860, a time when the shoreline was dotted with inns and taverns. 

It also has a wraparound porch for dining — or simply enjoying a morning coffee. 

Then there’s the stand-alone cottage, which has two apartment style units that are perfect for families or longer stays (but not applicable to the $99 deal). Between the main building and the cottage is a back deck and courtyard with a communal fire pit.

The couple describes the look and feel of the entire campus as rustic-chic.

“Between the grounds, the bar and restaurant, everything you need is right here,” Rincon said.

“And there is so much atmosphere in that bar,” she added. “It gets lively on a Saturday night but after the weekend it goes back to becoming a sleepy town restaurant.”

As for the restaurant, The Watershed bills its menu as comfort food, albeit with plenty of elevated dishes. Mangiacapre highly recommends the bone-in pork chop (39).

Much of the food, beer, and wine is locally sourced as well.

“It’s also such a great town,” Rincon said.

Now they want everyone who works hard all weekend to enjoy it during the week.

The only way to book the #ESCAPE package is by calling 631-779-3454.

Top: Patricia Rincon and James Mangiacapre at The Watershed bar. (Satin Widrow)

Photos by Satin Widrow