L.I.’s nonprofit restaurant Restoration Kitchen & Cocktails has now donated nearly $50K to charities


Long Island’s only non-for-profit restaurant, Restoration Kitchen and Cocktails, now has donated nearly $50,000 since opening last summer.

The restaurant, owned by husband and wife team, Billy and Nicole Miller, sets up a plan through which two charities every quarter will benefit from the restaurant’s net profits.

Earlier this month, the Lindenhurst eatery wrote their second pair of checks, where the Babylon Breast Cancer Coalition received $11,354 and The Beat Lives On saw $10,068.  In their first-ever quarter, the Christina Renna Foundation was awarded $14,272.96, while Suffolk County United Veterans received $13,175.

Billy says he’s still in awe how his neighbors continually come out to support his idea.

“You open your doors and you just hope the people care,” he said. “When you have the opportunity to give what we gave it shows pride in the community… people are really responding to our mission.”

Billy and Nicole chose each foundation after an extensive vetting process. The patrons ultimately decided how much money each organization would receive.

how it works

Whenever someone eats at Restoration Kitchen, they are given information about each organization. After their meal is over, everyone at the table is given a coin and has a choice of which cause speaks to them more.

There are two flower pots that represent each foundation. The patrons then place a coin in one of them. The coins dictate what percentage of the profits each group gets.

next to benefit

Long Island Coalition Against Bullying and The Heather Pendergast Fund are the next two charities that will benefit from the food and drinks served at Restoration Kitchen.

Top: Restoration Kitchen and Cocktail owner Billy Miller (far left) giving his donation check to the Babylon Breast Cancer Coalition.