Lindenhurst Diner is bringing back the drive-in restaurant experience


Lindenhurst Diner is transporting customers back to the 1950s with its new drive-in dining experience.

Starting Friday, May 15 from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m., Lindenhurst Diner will be offering its new carhop service.

Joseph DiBartolo, manager, said as of right now, the drive-in will operate on the weekends, but depending on the turn-out of the first event, the diner is looking to run this operation daily.

Customers will be instructed to pull into the diner’s parking lot at 195 East Montauk Highway and put on their hazard lights. A server will then text the customer the full menu or provide a disposable menu.

The diner is providing full service to each customer, and they don’t need to leave their car.

DiBartolo said there are approximately 45 parking spaces and the whole parking lot will be in use for the drive-in event.

All food items will be served in plastic, disposable containers, and garbage cans will be provided in the parking lot.

The diner has not made it official, but customers may not be able to use the restroom inside of the restaurant in order to maintain safety and social distancing.

Contactless payments will be taken by a server outside of the car. Customers only have to read the card number and the server will manually run it up in portable credit card machine.

Visit Lindenhurst Diner’s Facebook page for more information on the drive-in.

Top: Outside view of the Lindenhurst Diner (credit: Facebook)