Closed: Voting for Round 2 of GLI’s 2024 Bartender Battle Long Island


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Round 2 voting is now closed. Check back this week for the results.

Here’s where to cast your vote for Long Island’s greatest bartender of 2024. Scroll down for the rules and instructions, and to vote. Voting for Round 2 in what’s now an eight-bartender bracket runs from noon on Wednesday, March 20, until noon on Sunday, March 24.

Polling will happen online-only until the Final Two bartenders compete in a live cocktail-off this April at Lily’s in Babylon. Those bartenders will be asked to create a Manhattan, margarita and an espresso vodka martini for the judges who will determine who hoists the Golden Shaker.

The Elite Eight matchups:

Rules & Instructions

First, you’ll have to fill out some required information, and you’ll be signing up for our weekly newsletters in the process.

Only one vote per head-to-head contest every 24-hour period with a verified email address will be counted. (Running vote tallies will not be shown, unlike with last year’s contest.)

Greater Long Island has recruited a professional data analyst from NYC to manually scan all voting results for any technical irregularities. So, don’t waste your time trying to skirt the rules. The polls for Round 2 close at noon Sunday, March 24. Any votes cast even seconds thereafter will be tossed. The Final Four will be announced later on Monday or early Tuesday.

So let’s keep it clean and have fun voting for our favorite bartenders on Long Island!

Cast your vote:

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The original bracket:

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