Lobster rolls have returned to The Hero Joint in Patchogue for summer


They’re all about simplicity at The Hero Joint in Patchogue Village.

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The meat and bread is always the star.

That same philosophy applies to the summer lobster rolls — both hot and cold — which have returned once again to this hidden gem through Labor Day.

“It’s overstuffed with lobster meat in a delicious, spit-top brioche bun,” says John Murray, III, proud owner of The Hero Joint, located at 4B East Main St., behind Kilwins near the back library entrance.

As for the lobster salad, well it’s simply fresh lobster meat and mayo.

Like it aughta be.

“Some people add other things to the salad, but we let the lobster do its thing,” Murray says. “It’s like if you order a good steak, you don’t go drown it in sauces.

“Simplicity is king.”

The hot lobster roll is sautéed and coated in butter.

Aside from packing sandwiches with top-grade, house-roasted cold cuts or premium small bird chicken breasts, Murray also fully realizes the value of the bun.

To that end, The Hero Joint gets its bread delivered daily from an artisan bakery. (Murray won’t name the bakery, because he’s enjoying this competitive edge from his prized bread vendor.)

“The bread is a story in itself,” he says.

So we’ve established that The Hero Joint is a must-try this summer for a lobster roll. Murray recommends the house-made chips, specifically the salt and pepper option. “It’s all old-timey New England,” he said.

There’s also a steady rotation of cold beers.

“The lobster roll is very summer on Long Island, so eat up, and drink up,” Murray added. “This is such a uniquely regional experience.

“You know if you’re eating a lobster roll, the sun is shining and you’re having a great time.”

The cost is $24, hot or cold.

Call 631-636-0500 to order now for pickup.

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