Long Island couple in crisis; husband needs a kidney and wife needs stem cell transplant


Madeline Moritz was going to save her husband’s life.

When Bill Moritz was diagnosed with renal kidney failure at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, his wife and high school sweetheart was screened and learned she was a perfect match for a kidney transplant with the love of her life.

A nursing home administrator — at the time facing the horrors of working on the front line of the pandemic — was at least relieved she could help protect the father of their three children, now aged 19, 17 and 9. But a routine physical exam revealed she had leukemia.

Today, the Moritzes of Farmingdale are both fighting for their lives. Bill Moritz’s need for a kidney grows more dire by the day, while Madeline Moritz, who is receiving chemotherapy, hopes to find a match for a stem cell transplant that could save her life.

Their family and friends have started a massive effort to find donors for each of them and to provide the Moritzes with financial assistance as they struggle with their illnesses.

A GoFundMe page titled “A Kidney For Bill And Madeline Fights Leukemia” was established by Madeline Moritz’s brother Ralph Balsamo.

“Bill needs a kidney, and my sister was going to donate hers to him. Unfortunately, Madeline developed Leukemia at the worst possible time of her life,” Balsamo said in the GoFundMe post, regarding the couple who began dating as students at Farmingdale High School. “Now, she is undergoing chemotherapy, while Bill still needs a kidney.

“They have three wonderful children, so if you are willing to help this family, please donate,” he continued.

You can click here to make a donation to benefit the Moritzes.

To create awareness for Bill Moritz’s, a Facebook group “A Kidney for Bill.” The group’s page includes specific information on how to go about becoming a kidney donor and what you can do to help the Moritz family.

Featured image: The Moritzes with their three children. (GoFundMe)