Long Island schools got $600 million in aid from NY Lottery last year


School districts on Long Island received just shy of $600 million in aid from the New York Lottery last year, according to a new state lottery report.

The amount is a sizable chunk — 16 percent, in fact — of the $3.7 billion in aid distributed to school districts across New York state during the 2022-23 fiscal year.

New York Lottery revenue is distributed to local school districts by the same statutory formula used to distribute other state aid to education. The formula takes into account a school district’s size and its income level — with larger, lower-income school districts getting proportionately larger shares of lottery school funding.

Brentwood far and away received more aid than any other school district on Long Island. The Suffolk district took in $50.8 million in aid, compared to Hempstead’s $26 million, which was the second most.

William Floyd’s $22.9 million in lottery aid was the second highest total for Suffolk districts. Sachem pulled in $21.1 million for third.

In Nassau, Freeport’s $15.5 million was the second highest total in the county, while Uniondale received $12.9 million for third most.

Here are some other interesting statistics from the report:

• Since 1977, Brentwood has received $746 million in state lottery aid. That’s significantly more than any other Long Island school district.
• 41 Long Island school districts — 26 in Suffolk and 15 in Nassau — received more than $5 million in lottery aid last year.
• Hempstead has received $318 million in state lottery aid since 1977, more than any other Nassau district during that time period.
• Suffolk school districts received over $359 million in state lottery aid last year, while Nassau school districts netted a few dollars short of $240 million.
• New York City schools received $1.07 billlion in state lottery aid.

Below are screen grabs from the report, showing the amount that each Long Island school district received in the 2022-23 fiscal year:

Top photo: Photo by Malik Cil

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