'Magic' in Patchogue as couple gets married at Toast Coffeehouse


James Skidmore said it was one of those moments.

There “was a bit of magic in the air,” Sunday morning as a couple from Patchogue Village had a very impromptu wedding at the Toast Coffeehouse counter.

“It was pretty special; the energy was just right for something like this to happen,” said Skidmore, who manages Toast. “The 125 people in the place didn’t know they were going to witness a wedding, but I pronounced them man and wife and the place went nuts.”

Skidmore said absolutely zero planning went into the Toast nuptials.

His longtime friends, Scott and Leonora Heinrich-Scheller, who’ve been dating since the summer of 2005, had called Skidmore because they were looking to get married soon and knew he was an ordained minister.

‘I said sure; let’s meet up sometime,” Skidmore said. “And [Scott] said, well I have the paperwork in the car, can we come into Toast? Next thing I knew we were filling in the paperwork at the counter.”

Meanwhile, another of their friends, Brandon Elsbree, also happened to be on hand. He serve as the witness, and shot this great video.

“At first only the people at the bar knew,” Skidmore said. “But people started to talk in the dining room and the next thing you know, everybody was looking at us.

“It was just magic. I couldn’t stop smiling all day.” Skidmore added. 

I’m going to look back on fondly for a long time.”

Video Credit: Brandon Elsbree

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