Meal Train menu donations are feeding family of Sayville teen fighting bone cancer


Kim’s dropping off chicken cacciatore with brown rice. Daria will provide a goulash meal. And Bridget has the beef chili with fixings covered.

The Greater Sayville community is continuing its outpouring of support of the family of Sayville High Schooler Matt Zender, 16, who has been courageously battling bone cancer since June. This time, they’re doing it through Meal Train, a crowdsourcing platform that helps organize home-made meal giving for friends in need.

“The support from everyone has been tremendous. I couldn’t wish for any better,” said Matt, a junior honors student and a captain on the fencing team at Sayville High School. “I love all of the food. It is all so delicious.”

Matt, a triplet whose brother and sister are also athletes and honors students, was diagnosed with cancer in June after an injury caused by a kick to his knee was not healing properly. A GoFundMe page, “Make it Matter for Matt,” has raised nearly $50,000 for Matt and his family.

“We want The Zender family to be able to focus on themselves, their wonderful kids, and not stress over dinner,” reads his Meal Train page. “Let’s please get behind Matt and his family and show them all the support and love in the world by lightning the load and delivering meals to the family.”

Go here to learn more about the Meal Train for Matthew.

Matt received chemotherapy treatments throughout the summer. He said that on Sept. 27 he is undergoing limb salvage surgery on his right leg.

“Overall, I’m feeling great because of the support I’m getting,” he said.

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