Moriches Field Brewing Co. nears approvals for construction

Richard Flynn, owner of Moriches Field Brewing Co.

It’s been about two years since Richard Flynn bought an often-repurposed multi-use facility in Moriches to build his dream microbrewery, and he’s hoping to get renovations hopping in the next several weeks.

The Town of Brookhaven’s planning department has signed off, and the building department is awaiting the OK from the highway department before a building permit can be issued.

Once that’s done, construction will begin on Moriches Field Brewing Co., located on the corner of Wilcox Road and Old Neck Road. The building, which looks like a hangar, in the past housed a baseball academy, a gymnastics center and even repaired amusement parks rides in there.

“We’re almost there,” Flynn, 51, said Friday.

His inspiration for the brewery comes from experience in Europe, where he was in charge of operations in the United Kingdom for finance insurance giant AIG. He said he found people overseas to be “exceptionally kind,” and when they would take him out he would try the local beer.

“I like the idea of a small, locally focused brewery that serves the local population,” he said. “In the corporate world, I never got the chance to meet the local people.” Conversely, Flynn said, “breweries are known for that. They are center for community, and there’s a lot of excitement. What I really enjoyed about that was the social aspect.”

Flynn said he also likes the vibe at the Grey Horse Tavern near his hometown in Bayport, which, like the 5,000-square-foot Moriches Field building, is located near train tracks and a residential community.

He said he spent a long time looking for a building and the proper location, and found the Moriches Bay community to be welcoming.

“The community has been great in support [the brewery],” Flynn said.

“Moriches Field Brewing is poised to add some new flavor to the Moriches Bay area,” said Councilman Dan Panico, whose district includes the planned brewery. “I wish Rich Flynn every success in this new endeavor.”

Opening target: End of year

After approvals for the brewery are in place, Flynn said construction would take at least five months. At the earliest, it will open in October, but likely later in the year.

About 750 square feet would be dedicated to a tasting room. He plans to sell beer on tap, crowlers, growlers and eventually cans. He says cans store better than bottles and they have more design options. However, he could sell larger-size bottles.

Additionally, he’s looking to sell kegs to local restaurants, beer distributors and craft beer bars.

He said tastings would be from Thursday to Sunday, and local community events could be Monday to Wednesday.

“It’s not meant to be a nightclub,” he said.

Customers are welcome to bring their own food, and the brewery will sell pretzels and snacks.

Split brewing system

The operation will have a split brewing system, in which it can brew two beers at the same time. With its six barrels, it can use three barrels for one type of beer and three barrels for another.

“I wish I had the space to do more.”

Flynn is aiming to sell 300 to 400 barrels in the first year of operation. “That’s the hope.”