New tea bar ‘BesTea by Hitch’ celebrates grand opening in Babylon


Joseph Debello, the owner of Hitch LI, has a new venture in downtown Babylon — BesTea by Hitch.

BesTea, a unique tea bar and boutique, celebrated its grand opening on Saturday, May 13.

“We believe tea is more than a drink — it’s a way of life,” said Debello. “Our goal is to create a
space where people can come together, relax, and connect over a cup of tea and their shared
love for creativity and community.”

With its Palm Springs vibe, Debello sought to create a relaxed, cozy, and glam atmosphere
where people could come together when they need a warm cup of tea and some camaraderie.

Creativity and community are at the heart of every detail Debello has created: Craft and sip
events are the perfect way to unleash your inner artist, while a variety of DIY workshops will
allow you to create beautiful items for your home. Other offerings include book clubs, “spill the
tea” therapy sessions, and tarot card readings.

BesTea will also be selling a variety of premium loose-leaf teas sourced from around the world,
including traditional blends, unique flavors, and herbal infusions. Customers can find
thoughtful tea accessories and gifts, too, from teapots and cups to tea-infused products and

“Whether you’re a tea aficionado, a craft enthusiast, a bookworm, or simply looking for a
unique and enjoyable experience, BesTea has something for you,” said Debello. “We first
opened our doors at Hitch in May 2019, and it’s been an incredible journey since then. Four
years later, we’re thrilled to be opening our second location.”

Stop into BesTea on Saturday to experience it for yourself. Customers can expect free gifts,
raffles, and even a tarot card reader.

BesTea, located at 41 E. Main Street, Babylon, is open Tuesday through Sunday. Follow BesTea
on Facebook, Instagram, or Tik Tok, or visit for more information.

Top: Joseph Debello inside his new venture BesTea. (Credit: Michelle Katz/courtesy)