New wellness center in Bayport pairs chilly plunges with balmy saunas


When it comes to opening his new Bayport business, Isar Castaneda feels both hot and cold about it.

That’s the theme to the many treatments he passionately offers at his Relax n Revive wellness center, located at 730 Montauk Highway.

The U.S. Marine vet turned massage therapist and health enthusiast was introduced to the healing benefits of cold water last October while camping in Montauk. On a whim, Castaneda and a friend decided to jump into the ocean. They couldn’t believe how great they felt the rest of the day.

Their impulsive act led to their study of the Wim Hof cold water/breathing method and a commitment to plunge together at 7 a.m. daily in a pool Castaneda’s pal kept open all winter. 

Wearing nothing but bathing suits and beanies, they sometimes had to chip away at six inches of ice before getting in the frigid water. Working his up to 15-minute plunges, Castaneda quickly experienced the invigorating, anti-inflammatory and meditative benefits to the practice.

“It’s been life-changing,” Castaneda said. “I try and do it every day. It’s helped me with my relationships. When it comes to my moods, they’re more stable. If I hear bad stuff, I process it better. It doesn’t sit with me as long.”

That’s when he got hooked on the idea of offering a community-centered unique therapeutic service — sans the ice chipping.

Today, he has four cold plunge tubs, containing water ranging in temperature from 38 to 55 degrees. The tubs are connected to UV, ozone, and micron filters for sanitizing and a compressor to ensure constant cold flowing water. Clients can practice their breathing or chat with a friend while improving their mood, circulation and sleep quality.

As much as he loves the cold, Castaneda’s appreciation for heat probably stems from his childhood in Belize. The concept of combining the benefits of an ice bath with the detoxifying hot sauna was a perfect marriage. Relax n Revive offers two private Signature Session rooms with side-by-side sauna and tub.

Those preferring just the heat can spend time in additional saunas that offer space for individuals, couples, or friends. Each sauna is state-of-the-art, boasting color-changing antibacterial towels and sound acoustic treatments.

Visitors can watch Netflix, Youtube and Hulu, or listen to relaxing music. Client-controlled consoles offer the user options in time, heat and light color therapy to meet individual needs of weight loss, relaxation, pain management, cardio, or anti-aging.

NASA technology-inspired facial and full-body ROUGE L.E.D treatments are available for treating skin, muscle and joint pain, as well as seasonal depression. Additional offerings include a private Somadome Meditation pod, professional massage and facials.

Despite the luxury feel of the pristine space, Castaneda shies away from calling it a spa. His passion is to make self-care accessible to everyone.

“I have poured my heart and soul into trying to create an inviting and peaceful space where my neighbors and community can discover the benefits of a truly amazing self-care routine,” he said.

Relax n Revive’s grand opening is July 21 at noon. During the first month open, Relax n Revive is offering clients a deal to try out the cold plunge tubs for 30 days for $30.

For more information, visit @relaxnrevive on Instagram or email