Ocean Beach Youth Group forms scholarship for the late Ralph Scordino


The late Babylon Mayor Ralph Scordino is remembered not only for his love and commitment to the village but also for his love of the seaside town of Ocean Beach in Fire Island.

The longtime village mayor, who died unexpectedly in October, left a legacy on Fire Island too, with his involvement in the Ocean Beach Youth Group as the director for 22 years.

His two mottos as director were, “If you had fun, you won,” and “Keep ’em happy and keep ’em safe.”

This summer, the youth group is paying tribute to Scordino by raising money to start a scholarship fund in his name.

“With his signature mustache and staff polo, except for special occasions when he wore a Hawaiian shirt and fedora, Ralph graced us daily with ear-to-ear smiles, sharing his messages of fairness, safety, fun, and friendship,” said Caitlin Alfano, who’s organized GoFundMe campaign to raise money.

These are the values the organization hopes to continue going forward through perpetual scholarship fundraising efforts. The scholarship will be awarded annually to a youth group staff member pursuing a career in education or public service. That person would also have to share Scordino’s qualities and have a deep passion for not only the youth group, but an overall commitment to service, and selflessness.

The online goal is set to raise $15,000 and so far, the group has raised over $5,000.

Aside from the online campaign, other fundraising events were planned for throughout the summer on Fire Island.

To donate, visit the official GoFundMe page.

Top: Former Babylon Village mayor and Ocean Beach Youth Group Director Ralph Scordino.

Photo courtesy of the GoFundMe page.