Photo tour: Take a look inside the new Northern Coast Kitchen in Stony Brook


This isn’t your typical hotel restaurant.

This summer Northern Coast Kitchen & Cocktails debuted at Stony Brook’s Hilton Garden.

“Our restaurant is a step above most,” described Robert Siemsen, general manager of the new eatery.

The focus is on quality eating while offering a laid-back but intimate dining experience.

“There’s seafood specials, great steaks and our burgers are very popular,” said Siemsen. “Our executive chef has over 25 years of hospitality experience.”

Northern Coast is open to all Long Islanders, not just guests of the hotel.

The Greater Long Island TV team swung by the establishment earlier this month for a video tour. See it below.

For more visuals, scroll down for photos of the restaurant and its open concept dining room.

(Below are courtesy photos from Northern Coast.)