Qwik Ride’s free cart transportation service is expanding to Port Jefferson


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The free-ride service Qwik Ride is coming to the Village of Port Jefferson.

Port Jeff is the fourth area of Long Island that will see the arrival of the souped-up electric carts. These are street legal Polaris Gem E6s — the six-passenger model — that are equipped with heat, TVs, sound systems and lighting.

Qwik Ride launched in Patchogue in May and expanded to Huntington in September, followed by Northport.

The company was founded by the two men behind the popular designated driving service, Late Night Chauffeurs: Dan Cantelmo and John Yancigay.

Like Uber and Lyft, the ride can be hailed down via an app.

The rides are free, Qwik Ride just encourages users to tip their drivers.

After providing over 9,000 rides in its first three months of business in Patchogue, the company quickly expanded to Huntington in September and Northport in October.

“It was an instant hit,” said Paul Llobell, Qwik Ride’s director of sales. “Everyone in Patchogue loved it.”

The Port Jeff launch is expected this fall, possibly this month.

The service allows patrons to more easily explore the downtown areas safely and has helped alleviated parking issues in places like Patchogue. Residents living within the confines of the Qwik Ride coverage areas can even get picked up at their homes.

“These carts are going to be very helpful in alleviating congestion,” said Port Jefferson’s  mayor, Margot Garant, told GreaterPortJeff on Thursday. “Residents who didn’t want to drive down to find parking can now use these carts to get into town.”

where they will take you

Qwik Ride carts, which can also be hailed down, will be driving passengers from the Long Island Sound to Long Island Rail Road train station.

And from east to west, the carts will drive to both Mather and St. Charles to California Avenue.

the app

To download the app, click here.

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