Ralph A. Scordino Memorial Falls restoration nears completion


Before his passing in October, the late Mayor Ralph Scordino kicked off the first step of the long-awaited restoration process of the historic Argyle Falls

Now, six months later, newly elected Babylon Village Mayor Mary Adams is picking up the torch and completing Scordino’s vision for the village staple. 

The Argyle Falls, now named Ralph A. Scordino Memorial Falls at Argyle Lake, has survived storms and hurricanes over the years, but that doesn’t mean the landmark hasn’t suffered damages from Mother Nature. 

The railings and spindles needed to be removed and either replaced or sanded down and repainted, the walls across the front of the falls needed to be cleaned up, as well as the stairways leading up to each side of the falls. 

Adams said the village is aiming to finish the falls restoration this month. There are just a few more steps in the process that need to be completed. 

“We’re waiting right now on some materials, some additional balusters, some railings,” Adams said. “That will be all completed and then they are going to start a little bit on the north side, and once the weather is conducive for painting, it will all be painted.” 

A dedication area will be placed in honor of Scordino. The community came together to raise over $20,000 for Scordino’s dedication garden, said Adams.

Additionally, the 9/11 Memorial Garden is currently under renovation as well. Adams is aiming to have the 9/11 memorial completed in time for a remembrance service for the 20th anniversary.

Scordino’s idea for a fish ladder will also be implemented to help with fish migration.

The village is installing a camera on the ladder so people can view the migration through a live feed.

“He would’ve loved it,” Adams said of Scordino.

Community members past and present have enjoyed the site for decades — it’s been the go-to spot for weddings, graduations, proms, and just anyone who wants a beautiful setting to take photos, fish, or sit and reflect.

Scordino said it was a “treat” to restore its beauty back to its original state, and although he will not see it through, Adams will complete his vision for the landmark. 

“Whenever he took a project on he was right on top of it, he followed it, he nurtured it, and it will be the same thing with me as well,” she said. 

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Top: Argyle Falls in Babylon Village during its restoration process.