Reckless bicyclists in Patchogue will likely soon see their bikes taken


Patchogue Village will be cracking down on the objectively moronic teens that have been traveling in packs throughout the area, popping wheelies and impeding vehicular traffic on roadways.

A public hearing is set for March 9 in Village Hall on Baker Street, during the 6 p.m. Village Board meeting, on a proposal to prohibit the reckless operation of bicycles.

The measure, if passed, would allow police and public safety officers to confiscate bikes from anyone deemed to be using them recklessly.

The village would then charge the bike owner a fee or fine to get it back, according to Mayor Paul Pontieri.

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The hearing must be held before the Village Board could vote to approve the measure. The mayor and trustees at Monday night’s board meeting seemed highly in favor of it.

“They’re in the middle of the road, the wrong side of the road, there’s packs,” said village attorney Brian Egan. “This is really extreme behavior that we are going to corral.”

“There 40 or 50 of these [bicyclists], going through the village, down South Country Road to Bellport and back and it’s going to end in a fatality,” he continued. “This is extreme disorder and it’s very, very dangerous.”

Calling it “imbecilic behavior,” Egan said the code change would provide additional definitions on what constitutes reckless bicycle conduct.