Renovations at Gillette House in Sayville unveiled


A ribbon-cutting ceremony commemorated the completion of the extensive renovations carried out at the historic Gillette House in Sayville.

The project, overseen by the Town of Islip’s Department of Public Works and the Department of Parks, Renovation, and Cultural Affairs, included the installation of a new roof, a fresh coat of paint applied to the entire exterior, the replacement of cast iron heaters, plaster repairs, interior painting, and the restoration of doors and windows.

Renovations — executed to preserve the building’s historical significance — also included the installation of new flooring. The project’s final phase, dedicated to irrigation, will be completed soon, officials said.

The ceremonious event earlier this month was attended by Islip Town Supervisor Angie Carpenter, Parks and Recreation Commissioner Tom Owens and Deputy Commissioner Dierdre Wahlberg. Members of the Sayville Village Improvement Society also took part.

“We are truly fortunate here in the Town of Islip to have such a talented in-house staff who can perform these renovations, and ultimately, return Gillette House to the beloved community in its original grandeur,” Carpenter said.

The renovations will provide an enhanced experience for visitors to the landmark, officials said.

Top photo: Courtesy, Islip Town