Ridge mother pens desperate letter seeking kidney donor for 26-year-old daughter


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This Ridge family doesn’t know where else to turn.

Alyssia Bartone, 26, is in the later stages of life-threatening Chronic Kidney Disease.

She’s in dire need of a kidney replacement.

After it was discovered there were no qualified donors in their family, Alyssia’s mother Kim wrote an open letter to the world with hopes of finding a match. You can read it below.

A few years back, my daughter Alyssia was diagnosed with stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease, now end stage Kidney Disease.

No one thinks a 26 year old would find out with a simple visit to an Urgent Care would be in end stages of Chronic Kidney Disease. It all became very real, very quick.

With family members going through weeks of testing to only find out they don’t qualify as a donor, we were told by her doctor to take the route of social media.

This is where we ask you to share this with your family and friends. We never know where the world of social media can get us and we need to find my baby girl a kidney ASAP.

Please keep my daughter in your prayers during this time of need and let’s do this!!! Thank You for your support and Bless you.

Love, A Desperate Mother.

The number to call to see if you are a qualified donor is (212) 263-3621 for Alyssia Bartone.

Top: Photo of Alyssia Bartone (credit: Facebook)