‘Ring of fire’ solar eclipse doesn’t disappoint at Smith Point Beach in Shirley

ring of fire

You needed to wake up pretty early in the morning on Thursday to set your sights on this amazing “ring of fire” solar eclipse.

That’s exactly what intrepid Brookhaven wildlife photographer Michael Busch did — hunkering down on the Smith Point fishing pier in Shirley to capture a series of magical sunrise images of the annular solar eclipse. Busch, of Great South Bay Images, pointed his lens east over Narrows Bay and began snapping away just before 5:19 a.m.

“I got lucky because a huge cloud bank was just over the ocean,” Busch said.

Solar eclipses occur when the moon passes in front of the sun — from our viewpoint on Earth. The “ring of fire” effect comes about when the moon is near its farthest point from the planet at the time of an eclipse.

Check out some of Busch’s other shots of the solar eclipse.

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