Rise & Grind claps back at reviewer, calls it ‘ruthless’ during a pandemic


The new Rise and Grind in East Patchogue took aim Sunday at a random person who gave the luncheonette a one star review.

Apparently, the diner waited over an hour for food, 30 minutes for “ICED COFFEE” and “ordered silver dollars and got big pancakes.”

Rise and Grind management shared the review on Instagram, along with their response, and this message:

(The full post appears below.)

“Many of our Rise and Grinders were very understanding that day, and yes, it was upsetting for all of us. But going out of one’s way to to publicly humiliate restaurants at a time like this is ruthless — and we won’t stand for it.

“Please be considerate of all restaurants and small businesses that are struggling to stay alive.”

Rise & Grind also asked followers to share their Instagram post with friends trying to help small businesses survive the pandemic.

They also wrote: “We’d be lying if we told you that we’re flourishing, because we’re not.”

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