Sayville history in postcards: Century-old images and notes depict summers of yesteryear


They were the text messages of their time.

Blanche sent one from Sayville to Brooklyn in 1903 that simply said she’d be home “Tuesday afternoon about six o’clock.” And “Joe and Abe” wrote from Sayville to Elizabeth in Garfield, New Jersey, in August of 1915 that they had seen an “aroplane” fly about 500 feet over the bay where they were sitting.

The notes — and the images on the frontside of these historic postcards — provide glimpses of summer life in Sayville more than a century ago. The Sayville Library pulled together a collection of nearly 300 Sayville-themed old postcards and digitized them for the world to enjoy.

Such iconic places as the Kensington Hotel, the South Bay House and Gerber’s department store are featured on the postcards, along with nature’s Sayville Creek, the Old Mill Pond and Roosevelt’s Pond. Check them out below; click on the numbered boxes to see them all.

Ocker’s Oyster Plant

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