Six killer desserts that are waiting for you in downtown Port Jefferson


The guilty pleasures served at these Port Jefferson restaurants bring a whole new meaning to the phrase, “save room for dessert.”

We suggest treating this list as a sort of unofficial “Port Jefferson Killer Dessert Crawl” and make your way to every one of these local eateries. (Apologies to your waistline in advance.)

We couldn’t possibly list every single killer dessert served in Port Jefferson so we narrowed it down to these six. But, if we left out your favorite, let us know and we will add it to our next list.

Scroll down and click boxes 2,3,4, 5, and 6 to see them all.

Below are courtesy photos from each restaurant.

Southern Brown Butter Cake at The Wave at Danford’s

Imagine the Port Jefferson ferry makes a jaunt into the harbor and it comes filled with berries and topped with whipped cream. But the ferry is a cake and the water is a mint sauce.

This dessert kills it like that. They take a rich southern brown butter yellow cake and top it with macerated berries, a triple sec mint sauce, and fresh whipped cream. It’s light and decadent at the same time. Served inside or on the deck.

Location: 25 East Broadway

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